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My name is Sonja. I am an Image Consultant and makeup artist, situated in Krugersdorp, Johannesburg. My life is filled with a wonderful husband, and two beautiful kids. All my life I have loved clothes, dressing up, and looking good. During my time working in the corporate industry, I realized I needed to up my image/up my game to be noticed. This is what lead me to image consulting. I paid an image consultant to teach me the necessary skills to improve my image in the workplace. This made such an impact on my life, I wished to do the same for others. After a few years, I decided to go for it and became a qualified image consultant.​

Because of my time spent in the corporate industry, I built many relationships, with people of different ages, and this is what helps me to connect with clients of all ages.

My heart lies with the one on one sessions. Showing my clients which colors suit them best, the styles that best suit them. My favourite is the wardrobe detoxing and planning. Sitting down with a client, over a cup of coffee, to discuss their needs, is very important to me.​

Being an image consultant is like a dream come true. Making an impact on people’s lives is one of my biggest passions, I do not judge people, I take into account their lifestyles, and help them improve on that.

Having my own journey, with a low self-esteem, I can relate with my clients. Because of this I can build them up and help them find their true selves.​

Are you looking for a motivational speaker for a ladies morning? Or even just a get together for a group of friends, please contact me for topics.

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