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Shape Analysis

When doing a shape and color consultation, we determine the best styles and colors to suit you. By looking at your unique features and shapes, we can determine your body shape and the styles to suit you.

By doing a shape analysis, we can give you the best advise on top lengths, pant lengths, skirt styles, shoes, jackets and so much more. This will make shopping a breeze for you.

I have had clients do shape consultations with me, and they were amazed by the result. After years of wearing clothing, either too big, or too small, they have now got the tools to pick the correct garments from the start.

Colour Analysis

Color has such a big impact on the messages we project to the world. When doing a color analysis we look at your hair color, skin color and eye color. This will determine the color flow you will be categorized in. 

Knowing the correct colors you should wear, will determine how you feel, behave and look. This will give you that boost you need everyday. After a consultation you will have the full power over the choices you make in future when buying clothing, accessories, etc. that will result in you saving money and time.​

Did you know that your unique color flow corresponds with your personality? When you are a cool flow, you are most likely cool and collected. When you are a warm color flow, you are most likely warm and vibrant.

What a style and color consult includes

You will get a personal consultation where we will look at both your best color and styles for your shape.

This can either be done at my office or at your house, or even online.​

This includes:​

  • Determining your perfect body shape
  • Do’s and Don’ts for your body shape
  • Face shape
  • Hairstyles to suit your face shape
  • Bone structure
  • Body segments and what garments will suit your body shape
  • Access to the My Private Stylist, styling program with all your unique options
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Corporate Styling

Corporate Styling is a must in the workplace and Soulful.Swish.Masterpiece is available for corporate styling, Gauteng, Westrand, Krugersdorp, Tshawe – as a matter of fact, any city in South Africa.​

Many companies have asked me to do workshops on professional image. Every time the story is more or less the same. “Some employees dress too casual for work.” “Frontline staff are not dressed professional and their appearance lack neatness”. If your employees’ dress code is not in alignment with your brand, why not book a workshop?​

I do Corporate Styling workshops in a fun manner, which means that a session can be booked for a year end event. You can also book me for a teambuilding event. The ladies enjoy doing a Makeup and Style workshop, and this will definitely improve your Companies’ brand as well.​

As an Image Consultant, I have learned that a lot of people lack the skills needed to dress and act professional. My workshops are aimed at giving your employees those skills. I have two packages available for companies:​

Corporate Workshop – During this session I come in and educate the staff on professionalism. Topics to be discussed can include, etiquette, dress code, professionalism, telephone etiquette and professional style. This can be a 1 to 2 hour session.​

Corporate Masterclass – During this 5 hour masterclass, each of your employees will receive a style, color and makeup consultation. Each employee will be individually assessed and be given the tools needed to improve their own image. Together with this we also include implementing a Dress Code for your company. We will shop, source and bring the outfits to you, and dress your employees in unity.​

AND REMEMBER: This is tax deductible

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Wardrobe Planning and Detox

Wardrobe planning, wardrobe makeover, what to wear makeover, closet detox, shopping for clothes…

Soulful, Swish, Masterpiece can help!​

Do you know that you wear 20% of your clothing 80% of the time? Do you sometimes feel that your wardrobe is outdated and you have nothing to wear?​

I would love to help you revamp your wardrobe. Whilst I declutter your wardrobe, I will also reorganize your wardrobe. During the consultation, I will also provide you with styling options. Mixing and matching is not every clients forte, but I can give you plenty of options. Together we will build a wardrobe that suits your lifestyle. And it does not have to cost you a fortune.

Because we love clothing so much, we don’t mind doing the consultation at your place. But we also give the option of doing a virtual consultation. This package is a great option together with a style and color analysis. This will give me the opportunity to discover your style, what would suit you and build you up into a new style.

Complete Makeovers
Do you ever feel like you have “lost” yourself along the way?

Do you feel like your style is outdated and your wardrobe is not exciting anymore? A lot of ladies think makeovers only consist of hair and makeup, but this is not true. We focus on everything, from the heart of a woman, hair, makeup, accessories, clothing, wardrobe and shopping.​

We have different packages for your needs. If you feel like you just need a “clothing” makeover, we suggest you do a style and color consultation, together with wardrobe and shopping. This does not include doing hair and makeup. A clothing or “mini” makeover will only be a 3 hour session.

If you feel like you need a complete makeover, we suggest that we do a style and color consultation, wardrobe, makeup and hair. With this package we can do photographs as well.​

This will be a full day makeover. We also have a BFF option, where if you book your makeover with your bestie, we will give you 20% discount.​

We can also create the option for you where you pay the makeover in 3 installments, and once you have a budget ready for shopping, we start the process. Which is a great option if you do not have all the money upfront.

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Unique Consultations

Unique consultations for everyone. Cloth your child, yourself, your workers, with confidence. Expert in bridal consultations – from the bride, to the mother of the bride, to the groom, men, women, children, teachers. We all need to dress for success.

Gorgeous Girls

An exciting program designed specifically for girls between the ages of 9 and 14. Girls falling within these age groups move toward becoming (or are already a teenager) – that crucial stage during which the foundation of her life as an adult is formed.

In this program, we provide the girls with tips and advice on how to (and how NOT to) wear makeup, dressing fashionably without overstepping dangerous boundaries, the dangers surrounding social media and how to prevent social media from determining your self-worth.

Hip High schoolers

The difference between being hip and being fashionably hip, is so often overlooked among high school girls. Dress code and how they present themselves on social media platforms speak more than a thousand words.​

Our consultation sessions are aimed at presenting high school girls of all shapes and sizes to wear clothes that will add an appropriate style to their wardrobe and overall image. Colour, makeup, social media dos and don’ts and establishing an identity that speaks of self-respect are some of the topics discussed in these workshops.

Say “Farewell” in Style

If there’s one event you simply cannot afford to look anything less than fabulous, it’s the Matric Farewell! But relax! With a little help from our professional style consultants and our Trendy My Private Stylist Program, you’ll look like a princess on that very special night.​

So, let us help you take care of the colour as well as style of your dress, makeup, hair, accessories, shoes and everything else.

The Great Graduate

You worked hard on getting your degree framed. Now let us take the hard out of getting your face framed!

In this module we’ll be focusing on how to make that lasting first impression, making your social media profile work in your favor as a potential new employee, what to wear to an interview… basically, equipping you with all the style skills you need to enter adulthood with a bang! R100 p/p minimum of 75 students – unlimited maximum.

Graduate Program

This is a special package for the school leavers or graduates. In this package we will teach them the skills they need to become a professional. This is also a great package for companies when they have internship programs, and need to teach their interns professional and corporate skills from the beginning and how to adapt to your industry or brand.

We cover these topics in our program:

  • Fashion and style and the difference between the two
  • How to bring out your unique style personality by the way you dress
  • How to dress and what not to wear to work
  • How to dress for your body shape
  • The psychology behind how you dress
  • How to create a capsule wardrobe
  • How to look good on a budget
  • How to dress correctly for work
  • New fashion trends
  • The A – Z of style
  • PLUS many more… 

AND REMEMBER: This is tax deductible

The Beautiful Bride

Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of wearing a white off-shoulder dress at your wedding. Perhaps you’ve always thought about wavy, loose hair on your big day. Or perhaps you’ve always imagined a dark and dramatic look that will accentuate the colour of your eyes.​

Our advice: It’s always a good idea to get a second opinion – preferably, the eye of an expert! Our consultants are standing by to assist you with all your style-related wedding questions, ready to help you find the dress that will flatter and hug your body type perfectly. You will also gain access to our style App that will give you some extra style, colour, makeup, hair style and accessories guidance.

The Mother of the Bride or Groom

The Magnificent Mother of the Bride/Groom and Bridesmaid Besties are also invited to make use of our personal assistance and service in finding the perfect dress in the perfect colour that will not only make you look and feel elegant but will also complement the bride’s overall appearance.

Teaching the Teacher

No one is ever too old or too clever to learn something new – not even teachers! We invite all those fabulous teachers to join our two-hour teachers’ group workshops that can easily be arranged to take place in your school’s personnel room.​

Come and listen to what we have to say about first impressions, protocol at school, what’s too much (or too little?) in terms of style when working with children of different age groups, getting dressed before dawn and still look stunning by dusk, and so much more!

Teaching about makeup…​

So after talking to the teachers about what to wear and etiquette, I did a makeup lesson as well. They loved it! Why not book a session at your school?

Make the Man

We often tend to focus more on empowering women by improving their style. But what about the guys who may also feel a bit lost in the dark?

​So, to all the men out there who could need a little advice and ‘smoothing around the edges’:​

Join one of our workshops designed exclusively for men, focusing on issues such as personal style, colour consultations and dressing to the tee for whichever occasion. Apart from these physical consultation topics, we also look at important and often neglected aspects such as etiquette, earning respect as man of the house and setting an example as a faithful father.


Have you ever found yourself stuck?

Have you ever found yourself stuck? Stuck with a situation? Tired of trying to make changes, and sustain them? Have you ever wanted to reach a goal, but it seems impossible?

A PSYCH-K® session is a simple, yet effective way to change your limiting subconscious beliefs, which is blocking you from reaching your goals and potential. Neuro Science now proves that we are driven by our sub-conscious beliefs, and PSYCH-K® is a tool that is used to re-write those beliefs into new sustainable beliefs. 

“I never experienced death so close to the heart, as the day my cousin and best friend died. I felt intense grief, pain, and anger. I resented myself and could not accept her death at the age of 30. A week before her death I did the Basic PSYCH-K® workshop, and a few days after her death I could facilitate a trauma release balance with myself. During the process, my mind dealt with the grief and pain and I could feel my body release the trauma. This is when I realized that PSYCH-K® really does work.”

If you would like to release trauma in your life, or change limiting beliefs book your experience call today and find out more.

PSYCH-K® Evolution Course


PSYCH-K® Evolution

Have you ever found yourself stuck? Stuck with a situation? Tired of trying to make changes, and sustain them? Have you ever wanted to reach a goal, but it seems impossible?​

Do you believe in the power of your own mind? If you do, you are at the right place. I am here to help you. My name is Sonja and I am a proud PSYCH-K® facilitator, based in Johannesburg, South Africa. I am a Qualified Image Consultant and coach, and I would like to use this powerful process to help you change the limiting beliefs of your own subconscious mind. I want to help you reach that goal and free you from whatever is holding you back. Free your mind from whatever is holding you back.​

A PSYCH-K® session is a simple, yet effective way to change your limiting subconscious beliefs, which is blocking you from reaching your goals and potential. Neuro Science now proves that we are driven by our sub-conscious beliefs, and PSYCH-K® is a tool which is used to re-write those beliefs into new sustainable beliefs.​

I have personally gone through psycho therapy and traditional affirmation methodologies . The results I have seen with PSYCH-K® is incredible, it is truly a quick and sustainable change model. It has changed my life so much.

SA Prices – R500 (1 X 90 min session)

R1250 if they book and pay for 3 90 min sessions in advance

America Prices – 145 $ (1 X 90 min session)

1300 $ (10 X 90 min sessions)

390 $ (3 x 90 min sessions)

New Zealand Prices – 130 $ (1 x 90 min session)

100 $ (3 or more 90 min sessions booked and paid in advance)

UK Prices – 1130 pounds for 5 x 90 min sessions if booked and paid in advance

Australia Prices – 220 AUS$ ( 1 X 90 min session)

597 AUS$ (3 x 90 min sessions if booked and paid in advance)

1797 AUS$ (10 x 90 min sessions if booked and paid in advance)

Canada Prices – 130 $ ( 1 x 90 min session)


Makeup for all occations & Makeup Lessons

Our makeup services include Bridal makeup and makeup for any special occasion. We also offer makeup lessons to assist our clients to get their look perfect every time! For more information on our individual or group makeup classes get in touch.

Makeup for any occasion or lessons


Makeup lessons

This is a fun and interactive consultation, where I will teach you one on one the best colours to enhance your beautiful features. This can also be booked as a group session for your friends or at a company. Packages are tailor made for your needs.

After this consultation you will be able to easily apply your makeup for a day look and then transform it into an evening look. Together with your makeup lesson you will receive a PDF with everything you need to know about makeup and how to use it.

Bridal Makeup

The one day in your life where you don’t want your makeup to go wrong is on yourwedding day. Your makeup should be on par for the photographs on your weddingday and stand out. Allow me to make it one of the most beautiful days of your life!I always recommend that we do a trial first, to make sure that I understand yourneeds completely, and it allows me to tweak where needed. I will travel to you.

Makeup for any occasion

So you have that evening out planned or a formal function you must attend. Having your makeup done by a professional will make heads turn and you will most definitely stand out from the crowd. Let me know what you need, and I will do it for you.

Sonja Eloff, Makeup Artist

Not only am I a qualified Image Consultant, but I am also a makeup artist. I did my makeup course through Face to Face in 2018 and got myself certified as a Bridal and Evening Makeup Artist. I have a love and passion for makeup, and always strive to improve my knowledge to give my clients the best advice and service.